What's Next?

Saturday May 18

Yakima Roots & Vines Festival



Wednesday July 10

Downtown Sounds

Bellingham, WA


August 1 - 4

Summer Meltdown Festival 

Darrington, WA



August 7 

Skagit Country Fair

Mt. Vernon, WA



August 23

Seafarers Memorial Park

Anacortes, WA


September 6 - 8

Sisters Folk Festival

Sisters, OR



Music video: Come Along!

LIVE album now available!

Polecat is comprised of five mad scientists who aren’t afraid of rejecting predictability and conformism...one of the hardest things to do for a band is find their own sound and style; Polecat has managed to do that from their inception...unlike many other bands, each band member has deep roots in a different musical style, and they all blossom on the group’s third album 'Into the Wind'.
- Pop Matters

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